Circulating fluidized bed

Contact: Dipl.-Ing. Felix Müller

The circulating fluidized bed for gasification of biomasses has existed at CUTEC since 2004. The feed system, which was initially designed for pellet-type fuels, was modified from 2009 onwards to handle straw-type fuels. A straw chopper, a straw mill, and a pneumatic conveying system were added. The system was designed for 400 kWth. Depending on the calorific value, the fuel mass flow is thus typically around 60 - 80 kg/h. The gas cleaning system consists of a hot gas filter with ceramic filter cartridges for dedusting the gas, water scrubber and an RME scrubber. By means of a shift reactor, the required hydrogen/carbon monoxide ratio can be adjusted. In the following ABSART plant, fine purification of the synthesis gas to synthesis quality is possible. From there, the gas can be fed to a synthesis plant.

Technical data

  • Design: 400 kWth
  • Height of the plant: 8 m
  • Diameter of upflow section: 0.3 m
  • Typical reaction temperatures: 750°C - 900°C
  • Gas cleaning and treatment: hot gas filter, shift reactor, water scrubber and RME scrubber
  • Biomasses used: including wood, straw, switchgrass, miscanthus, digestate; also SBS, sewage sludge, and digested sludge.

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