Research topics

Contact: Dr.-Ing. Stefan Vodegel

The Department of Thermal Process Technology focuses on research and development activities in the following areas:

  • Treatment of household, commercial and production waste as well as sewage sludge.
    • Pyrolysis in the rotary kiln
    • Gasification in the circulating fluidized bed
    • Incineration on the grate
  • New products and improvement of industrial processes
    • Process development from initial laboratory-scale ideas
    • Improvement of yields
    • Production of synthesis gas by gasification
  • Gas purification
    • Thermal afterburning and regenerative thermal oxidation
    • Dry sorption
    • Washing processes
  • Emission measurements and suggestions for emission minimization
    • Mobile measuring equipment for trace elements and main components
    • Measurements at industrial plants, power plants and waste incineration plants