Organizational structure

Organisational structure

The complex interrelationships and interactions between the subject areas "raw materials" and "energy" require an interdisciplinary orientation of the research centre with strong expertise in the fields of resource and raw material technology, environmental technology, energy system technology, chemical/electrochemical process technology, thermal process technology & high-temperature processes, wastewater and process water technology, environmental, process, raw and residual material analytics. These subject areas are covered in terms of content by the specialist departments:

Wastewater Process Engineering including biotechnical processes in the field of raw materials and energy technology.

Chemical energy systems with a focus on power-to-X processes.

Energy system integration with a focus on sector coupling and provision of the necessary system services in the energy market.

Resource technology and systems in the field of recycling management but also primary raw material extraction with a focus on the mechanical treatment of solid raw and residual materials and the analysis and development of overall systems.

Thermal process technology for the utilisation of residues of thermo-chemical processes and flexibilisation of waste-to-energy plants, for example in the field of waste incineration (MVA) technology in combination with mechanical and chemical processes.

Environmental and process analytics with research foci in these segments and as cooperation partner for the other topics.

The CUTEC Research Centre is controlled by the Executive Board, a Chairman (Spokesman) and an Advisory Board. The board is elected by the general meeting. For the organisation of the research, the research departments are supported by an office management with a technical reference. The office is the central administrative node within CUTEC.

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