Research topics

Contact: Dr. rer. nat. Torsten Zeller

The Department of Resource Technology and Systems focuses on research and development activities in the following areas:

  • Special fields in the area of processing/recycling technologies (working group Recycling)
    • Mechanical conditioning (e.g. size reduction, classification, agglomeration incl. formulation development)
    • Separation processes for solid and liquid mixtures (physical, chemical, thermal)
    • Wet chemical extraction processes on pilot plant scale (e.g. reactor design, process integration incl. MSR technology, determination of stable operating points)
  • Special areas in the field of material flows/systems (material flows working group)
    • Life cycle assessment of processes and product life cycle analyses to support decision making in transformation processes and to evaluate new technologies
    • Material flow analyses (quantities, composition, qualities, transport routes) as a basis for assessing the feasibility of recycling and reprocessing approaches
    • Option evaluation for the use of cross-sectional technologies in production
    • Creation of concepts and tools for the optimization of processes in operational energy and material efficiency consulting
  • Special areas in the field of digitalization and automation (working group digitalization and automation)
    • Detection and monitoring techniques
    • Databases
    • Automation strategies and their implementation
    • Algorithms