Research topics

Contact: Dr. rer. nat. Axel Fischer

The Department of Environmental and Process Analytics focuses on research and development activities in the following areas:

  • Adaptation of analytical procedures to high temperature process products
    • Development of suitable sampling procedures for intermediate and product analysis in HT processes, e.g. biomass conversion
    • Analysis of slags and other mineral residues
    • Temperature-dependent elemental analysis by coupling ICP-OES and electrothermal evaporation (planned)
  • Analysis of electronic components
    • Full analysis of recyclable residues from electrical appliances and electrical scrap
    • Hazard assessment of e-waste by extraction procedures based on the TCLP protocol
    • Analysis of SE metals and other basic materials of strategic economic importance
  • Analysis to improve the safety of accumulators and batteries
    • Pyrolysis tests on accumulators and batteries to improve safety of use and storage
    • Analyses of residues in retention systems for flue gases from accumulator and battery accidents
    • Investigation of gaseous, liquid and solid products from extinguishing processes after battery fires