REcycling MINeralischer Fraktionen aus TAilings am Beispiel des Bergeteichs am Bollrich in Goslar

The REMINTA project is concerned with the development of an overall utilization and implementation concept for the tailings ponds of the processing plant of the Rammelsberg ore mine, taking into account the three pillars of sustainability (social, ecological and economic). It is a follow-up project to the REWITA project, in which a process was developed to convert about half of the contents of the tailings ponds into usable metal and barite concentrates. The main focus of the REMINTA project is on the utilization of the mineral content. The aim is to produce various materials for sustainable construction from a variety of suitable secondary raw materials.

The project is funded under the funding measure "Resource-efficient circular economy - construction and mineral material cycles (ReMin)". "ReMin" is part of the BMBF research concept "Resource-efficient circular economy" and aims at resource-efficient construction as well as the extended use of mineral secondary raw materials from construction waste, slags, ashes and mining residues.