Funded by the German Federal Ministry of Education and Research, the DESMEX-REAL project explores raw material deposits in the Upper Harz model region using geophysical methods down to a depth of 1000 meters. The helicopter-supported semi-airborne electromagnetics method used enables statements to be made about the conductivity of geological structures.

DESMEX stands for Deep Electromagnetic Sounding for Mineral Exploration . The measurement method combines dipole transmitters - grounded power cables on the ground - with highly sensitive magnetic field sensors, which are located in flight probes and towed by the helicopter on a cable 50 to 70 meters above the ground. A 3D subsurface model will be created from the results of the surveys.

The Resource Engineering and Systems Department of the CUTEC Research Center is the on-site contact. Within the scope of the work package "Local Networks", CUTEC has a mediating function in the project. This ranges from contacting relevant bodies to organizing high-profile events. Involving bodies such as the Lower Saxony State Forests, municipalities, districts, NGOs and the media is a fundamental prerequisite for the research activities. Transparency and participation are crucial for acceptance and feasibility, especially for helicopter-based geophysical measurements in public space.

DESMEX-REAL provides a team with great expertise: project partners are the Federal Institute for Geosciences and Natural Resources (BGR), the universities in M√ľnster (project leader Prof. Michael Becken) and Cologne, the Leibniz Institutes for Photonic Technologies (Jena) and for Applied Geophysics (Hannover), the companies Supracon (Jena) and iMAR Navigation (St. Ingbert), the Technical University of Clausthal, the Lower Saxony State Office for Mining, Energy and Geology, and the Geologische Landesuntersuchung GmbH Freiberg.




Dipl.-Ing. Andre Bertram

Research Associate Resource Technology and Systems

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