The research press is specially designed for researching the compactability or briquettability of fine-grained to dusty residues of any kind. Therefore, during the construction of this special design by Rössner Maschinenbau GmbH, attention was paid to achieving the highest possible variability of all important pressing parameters.

The press not only offers the possibility to vary the pressing pressure, pressing duration or ejection speed of the cylinders almost at will, but also the optional pressing from two sides or the heating of the press bushing and the feed material in the metering hopper are possible in addition to other settings. In addition, the press is equipped with an automatic weighing and dosing device, which allows serial production of briquettes even under parameter variation. All press parameters can be continuously recorded and logged via the connected control system.

In a specially modified test press, the briquettes can be tested for strength after successful briquetting, either directly or after artificial aging, which is also possible. The mixing in of various auxiliary materials or additives, such as binding agents or reducing agents, can also be carried out directly with the existing plant technology in the briquetting pilot plant.

Technical Data

  • Manufacturer: Rößner Maschinenbau GmbH
  • Year of construction: 2011
  • Pressing form: cylindrical
  • pressing cylinder: D 20 mm or D 40 mm
  • counter cylinder: D 20 mm or D 40 mm
  • press bushing: D 20 mm or D 40 mm, heatable
  • Material hopper: heatable
  • Dosing device: Screw conveyor and scale
  • Max. system pressure System pressure: 350 bar
  • Max. pressing force pressing force: 880 kN (40 mm), 240 kN (20 mm)
  • Power: 15 kW
  • Control: Siemens S7, LabVIEW

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Dipl.-Ing. Sven Schulze

Research Assistant

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