High temperature fuel cell / electrolysis test bench

Solid oxide fuel cells (SOFC) enable the highly efficient conversion of fuel gases such as carbon monoxide and hydrogen into electricity. Several individual cells are joined together to form a so-called stack in order to achieve the desired performance class. Numerous technical challenges arise in the development of individual cells and in the joining of the stacks (thermal expansion, high-temperature sealing material, etc.). The SOFC test bench of CUTEC offers the possibility to test different SOFC stacks with fuel gases of different compositions in a controlled furnace environment at operating temperatures of up to 1000°C. The extensive measurement technology allows a precise investigation of the SOFC stacks. The extensive measurement technology allows a precise investigation of power, temperature distribution, single cell voltages and pressure losses. Last but not least, continuous gas analysis allows the determination of the gas composition in incoming and outgoing gases and, based on this, a balance. The reliable test stand control system (Siemens S7 control system with WinCC visualisation) with integrated remote warning systems enables long-term tests to be carried out without any problems.

Technical data

  • Educt gases: O2, N2, air, CO,CO2, CH4,C3H8, H2, H2O, mixture N2/H2S
  • Temperature range: up to 1,000 °C
  • Air preheating: up to 750 °C
  • Max. Stack capacity: 5 kW (expandable)
  • Furnace volume (HxWxD): 500 mm x 1,000 mm x 500 mm

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