Fischer-Tropsch pilot plant

The Fischer-Tropsch pilot plant is used to produce gaseous and liquid hydrocarbons from synthesis gas (mixture of hydrogen H2 and carbon monoxide CO). In addition, it is suitable for converting hydrogen, e.g. from water electrolysis with regenerative wind or PV electricity withCO2, into renewable fuel, power and chemical feedstocks (power-to-fuel, power-to-chemicals).

The plant can be supplied separately from gas bundles or coupled with the biomass gas ifier and the ABSART synthesis gas purification plant. Due to the two-stage reactor concept with intermediate compressor and the decoupling of the synthesis temperatures in both reactors, the plant is characterized by a high flexibility with regard to the achievable product spectrum and high overall conversion rates.

Technical data

Reactor 1

  • Synthesis pressure: up to 30 bar
  • Temperature range: up to 240 °C
  • Volume flow: 25 mN3/h
  • Number of tubes: 8
  • Reactor length (total): 6 m

Reactor 2

  • Synthesis pressure: up to 35 bar
  • Temperature range: up to 320 °C
  • Volume flow: 25 mn3/h
  • Number of tubes: 5
  • Reactor length (total): 6 m

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