Innovation Lab H2 Guide Lower Saxony

Contact: M.Sc. Sebastian Braukhoff

The "H2-Wegweiser Niedersachsen" investigates how a hydrogen-based energy system of the future can be concretely designed in Lower Saxony, which technical variants are advantageous and which influence legal, ecological and economic aspects have. As a result, a closed and holistic methodology for the conception and evaluation of combinable storage, transport, conversion and utilisation processes is available, which can be used for a concretisation of the hydrogen implementation strategy in Lower Saxony.

To this end, the individual phases of the hydrogen chain will be considered by means of model approaches at different levels of detail and analysed and evaluated with regard to the above-mentioned aspects. To this end, the project deals with the different aspects of a hydrogen economy on three levels of content: The technical level answers questions on the underground storage of hydrogen in cavern and pore storage facilities and on the conversion of hydrogen into hydrocarbons and ammonia. The socio-ecological level deals with environmental impacts and ecological assessments. Another important aspect is the question of the energy industry legal framework for hydrogen plants. The system level then summarises the results, puts them into a temporal and spatial context by means of scenario analyses and shows which business models are both economically viable and ecologically sensible.

All investigations take into account the special boundary conditions that predestine Lower Saxony for a pioneering role in the development of a hydrogen economy. Intensive support by a large number of industrial practice partners is guaranteed.

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