CUTEC Institute

Clausthal Institute of Environmental Technology (CUTEC) is a company of Lower Saxony. We have been a highly knowledgeable partner and innovative service provider in the field of environmental and energy technology since 1990.

Senior Management team

Prof. Martin Faulstich took over as Managing Director of CUTEC at the beginning of 2013. Dipl.-Kfm. Martin Eberhardt, Dr. Stefan Vodegel are the other members of the Senior Management Team.

Organisational structure

The Institute has four operating departments which work on advanced development of information, resource and energy technology. The Power Systems Analysis Department (which is located at the Lower Saxony Energy Research Centre in Goslar) concentrates on information technology. The Metal Recycling Department explores ways of exploiting valuable resources. The Chemical Power Systems and Thermal Process Technology Departments focus on energy. Central services provide the support needed by the project-orientated operating departments to work effectively and produce successful outcomes.

Strategic orientation

The CUTEC Institute operates at the science-industry interface and conducts research which has direct application relevance. The goal is to quickly translate basic research results into practicable technologies into practicable technolgults obtained from basic research into prearelevace. __________________________________________.


Through interaction between different fields of process technology at a single site, we are able to analyse, modify and ultimately optimise processes and process flows from the energy and environmental perspective despite the high level of complexity involved.


Our portfolio includes publicly funded projects and projects carried out on a contract basis as well as innovative services and consultancy and the generation of expert reports.

The history of the Institute


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The CUTEC Institute came into being when the Memorandum of Association was signed on March 28th, 1990. The State of Lower Saxony has always been the sole shareholder. The Institute has its roots in Clausthal University of Applied Sciences (TU Clausthal) and is still closely associated with the university.

Five years after the Institute was set up, the staff moved into a new building on the university campus at the end of Leibnizstraße. As CUTEC was in the process of being set up, the first Managing Director Prof. Kurt Leschonski acted as the driving force, and he then guided the fortunes of the Institute until the year 2000. Prof. Otto Carlowitz took over command in 2000 and handed his responsibilities on to Prof. Martin Faulstich in 2013.

The full story of CUTEC's foundation and early years is related in the following article by Gerda Vollbrecht, the first Senior Management Team member:

“Do you remember how it all began"? (PDF-Datei)

Photo top right: Prof. Kurt Leschonski at the Ground Breaking Ceremony for the Institute’s new building.

Photo top left: Helga Schuchardt (Lower Saxony Minister of Science and Culture from 1990 to 1998) and architect Mr. Husemann at the laying of the CUTEC foundation stone at CUTEC.