Catalytic Afterburning


Catalytic afterburning plants (KNV plants for short) are used to clean industrial exhaust air streams. The pollutants contained in the exhaust air - mostly volatile organic compounds (VOC) such as alkanes, aromatic compounds, solvents and similar - are almost completely oxidised at moderate temperatures with the aid of catalysts and converted into the harmless compounds carbon dioxide and water.

Industrial application of the plants is mainly in processes which have very low pollutant contents and do not require process heat.

CUTEC has three mobile small plants (2 x single-stage, 1 x three-stage), which can be used for test purposes directly at the respective process, for example for the following questions:

- What emission concentrations do certain catalysts achieve? - How fast is the catalyst deactivated? What service life can be expected? - How do the oxidation and formation of secondary pollutants depend on the operating conditions (temperature, residence time, etc.)?

In addition, it is possible to adapt the plant technology depending on the problem and the customer's requirements. Design, manufacturing and set-up of equipment modifications can usually be realized by our in-house staff.

Technical data

  • Volume flow: approx. 400 mN3/h
  • Operating temperature: < 600°C

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