The ABSART plant is a plant for the purification of synthesis gases. Before being used in a chemical synthesis, the synthesis gas produced in the ArtFuel plant is freed from pollutants in this plant.

In addition to the basic components of fuels carbon, hydrogen and oxygen, biomasses, for example, also contain sulphur, nitrogen and chlorine. A regenerative concept for synthesis gas purification was developed and implemented to match the ArtFuel plant.

The plant mainly consists of two gas scrubbing stages. In the first stage, the Sulferox scrubbing, most of the sulphur compounds such as hydrogen sulphide, methane and ethanethiol are separated. In the second stage, a Selexol scrubber, further sulfur compounds and carbon dioxide are removed from the gas.

The ABSART plant is designed for pressures up to 40 bar. The usual working pressure is 30 bar, which is suitable for a subsequent Fischer-Tropsch synthesis. The initial commissioning took place in December 2010.

Technical data

  • Design pressure: 40 bar
  • Working pressure of the absorbers: 30 bar
  • Design volume flow: 40 Nm3/h
  • Temperatures in the Sulferox absorber: 60°C
  • Temperatures in the Selexol absorber: down to -15°C
  • Temperatures in the Selexol desorber: up to 80°C

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