Biogas plant

Contact: Prof. Dr.-Ing. Michael Sievers


The biogas plant is used as an R&D facility for process development and process optimization of biogas production.

A fully automated parallel operation of the two reactors allows the direct comparison of performed process optimizations with a reference operation. By controlling the plant via a process control system with remote maintenance, continuous trial operation over several months can be guaranteed.

Research topics investigated so far have included increasing the efficiency of biogas production by using new substrate mixtures and pretreatment methods, minimizing substrate losses, partial flow recirculation and nutrient recovery after fermentation residue separation, and developing process control concepts.

Technical data

  • Reactor volume: 2 x 1.5m3
  • Throughput: 2 - 10 kg/d per reactor (substrate dependent)
  • Biogas production: 0.5 - 5m3/d per reactor
  • Measurement technology: continuous measurement of gas volume and concentration (CH4,CO2), reactor temperature,
  • pH-value, filling level and subtrate supply

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