Reverse Grate

Contact: Dipl.-Ing. Milan Davidovic

The reciprocating grate according to the MARTINĀ© system is used for R&D tasks for the treatment of solid fuels, especially domestic waste.

It has the possibility of changing the process parameters such as primary air preheating, internal and external recycle gas supply, oxygen enrichment in primary and secondary air, etc.

The raw gas is cleaned in a waste gas purification system in accordance with the 17th BImSchV.

The content of the research is among others the minimization of the emission values (especially NOx), an improvement of the grate ash properties, the improvement of the control and the determination of process-technical parameters with unknown solid fuels.

Technical data

  • Thermal power: 900 kW
  • Throughput: up to 300 kg/h
  • Grate width (inside): 0.6 m
  • Total height: approx. 9 m
  • Primary air: in 5 zones
  • Secondary air: in 2 zones, distance and height variable
  • Measurement technology: very extensive

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