The task of the accompanying research project TReMin is to strengthen the innovative power of the BMBF funding measure ReMin. It networks, promotes the transfer of science, brings users and research together, provides recommendations for action and communicates the research results through broad public relations work.

The project is funded within the framework of the funding measure "Resource Efficient Circular Economy - Construction and Mineral Material Cycles (ReMin)" of the Federal Ministry of Education and Research. "ReMin" is part of the BMBF research concept "Resource-efficient circular economy" and aims at resource-efficient construction as well as the extended use of mineral secondary raw materials from construction waste, slags, ashes and mining residues.

TReMin is coordinated by the CUTEC Research Center. Project leader is Prof. Daniel Goldmann, Vice President for Research, Transfer and Transformation at Clausthal University of Technology. Project coordinator is Dipl.-Ing. Andre Bertram.

In addition to project management and coordination, public relations and networking are the tasks of the CUTEC Department of Resource Technology and Systems.

Project partners are the Federal Institute for Geosciences and Natural Resources, BGR, and the Fraunhofer Institute for Materials Recycling and Resource Strategy IWKS.


Dipl.-Ing. Andre Bertram

Research Associate Resource Technology and Systems

Contact Phone: +49 5323 72-6201 E-Mail: