Digitales Branddetektions- und Früherkennungssystem für Kulturgüter

In order to protect cultural assets from fire damage, more extensive and, above all, early preventive measures are required. Previous fire detectors only act when an advanced smoldering fire has already developed. In the course of the DBU project "Digital Fire Detection and Early Detection System for Cultural Assets - DIBRAK", the aim is to develop an early fire detection system that is able to detect smoldering fires in the early stages of their development. This is intended to save time for the initiation of appropriate fire-fighting measures. The realization of the project goal is achieved by innovative and effective sensor combinations, paired with intelligent evaluation and alarm modules. The following figure shows an architectural representation of the early detection system.

The system consists of several chemical sensors that detect a wide range of different smoldering gases and transmit signals to an evaluation unit. There, the signals are analyzed and a local alarm is triggered if a potential hazardous situation is present. The sensor data of an alarm condition are saved, evaluated and, if necessary, integrated into the sensor unit for further improvements.