Laser scanning microscope

Contact: Dipl.-Ing. Sven Schulze

With the laser scanning microscope VK-X110 from Keyence it is possible to determine profiles and roughness among other things. Depth-focused images can be taken. The light microscope records optical images in different heights (distance to the sample) and combines them, so that not only the one current image plane is in focus and sharply imaged, but if possible the whole sample. The design and mode of operation of this microscope allows only reflected light microscopy.

In addition, the surface is measured by laser (red laser, = 658 nm, 0.95 mW) and height data is obtained via the travel times of the laser light. This makes it possible to record a surface profile with high resolution. The laser light is also guided through the objective of the microscope.

On the same surface, both an optical image, with all color information, and height data are measured by laser. Combined, they produce a 3-D image of the sample surface with high contrast. The measured height data can be evaluated in many ways with the appropriate software, for example by profile and roughness measurements.

In addition, it is possible to non-destructively determine coating thicknesses of e.g. paints on suitable samples. The measurement data can be resolved into different planes, which the laser light could penetrate. If the layer properties (refractive index) are known, the layer thicknesses can be determined. If the layer thickness is known beforehand - e.g. by profilometry - it is possible to infer the refractive index of the layer.

Technical data

  • Different objectives for different magnifications
  • Acquisition of depth-sharp images
  • High-precision height information by means of laser measurement