Energy supply technology

Contact: Dr.-Ing. Werner Siemers

The current status of the so-called Clausthal Energy Park is as follows. From the beginnings of the project from the year 2000, there is still access to the PV system on the building, the wood chip boiler including logistics and the heat pump. From other projects there is access to small CHP units and an absorption refrigeration plant. Meanwhile, all of the institute's heat generation is provided from the energy park. A natural gas boiler, a natural gas CHP unit and a large thermal solar plant serve this purpose. The infrastructure has also been adapted accordingly. All plants are controlled via a control station. Current extensions include a redox flow battery and a fast charging station.

Technical data

  • PV system with 5.5, kW peak electrical output
  • Wood chip boiler with 150 kW thermal output
  • Motor CHP with 5.5 kW electrical and 12.5 kW thermal capacity
  • Motor-BHKW modulating with 20kW electrical and 43 kW thermal capacity
  • Heat pump air/water with 15 kW thermal capacity
  • Absorption chiller with ammonia (NH3) as refrigerant with a chilled water capacity of 10 kW
  • Natural gas boiler with 650 kW thermal capacity
  • Natural gas CHP with 70 kW electrical and 120 kW thermal capacity
  • Solar thermal system with approx. 50 kW thermal capacity
  • Latent heat storage with 2.3 MWh capacity
  • Heat distribution system and local heating pipeline
  • Battery storage with 120 kWh capacity
  • Redox flow battery with 10 kW power and 100 kWh storage capacity
  • Fast charging station with 20/22 kW charging capacity
  • Control station with control system, regulation, data acquisition and archive