Thermal process technology


The conversion of solid materials by means of thermo-chemical reactions plays a major role in industry and waste treatment. Our know-how lies in pyrolysis, gasification, combustion, gas cleaning and emission minimization. Characteristic of the department is a good equipment of R&D facilities in pilot plant scale. In cooperation with institutes of the Clausthal University of Technology, research tasks can be completed from basic principles to application maturity.

Our research and development topics are:

I. Treatment of household, industrial and production waste as well as sewage sludge

  1. Pyrolysis in the rotary kiln
  2. Gasification in the circulating fluidized bed
  3. Incineration on the grate

II. New products and improvement of industrial processes

  1. Process development from initial ideas on a laboratory scale
  2. Improvement of yields
  3. Production of synthesis gas by gasification

III. gas purification

  1. Thermal afterburning and regenerative thermal oxidation
  2. Dry sorption
  3. Washing process

IV. Emission measurements and proposals for emission minimization

  1. Mobile measuring instruments for trace elements and main components
  2. Measurements at industrial plants, power stations and waste incineration plants

Dr.-Ing. Stefan Vodegel

Head of Department

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