Resource engineering and systems


I. Special fields in the area of processing/recycling technologies (Recycling working group)

  1. Mechanical conditioning (among others size reduction, classification, agglomeration incl. formulation development)
  2. Separation processes for solid and liquid mixtures (physical, chemical, thermal)
  3. Wet chemical extraction processes on pilot plant scale (e.g. reactor design, process integration incl. MSR technology, determination of stable operating points)

II. special fields in the area of material flows/systems (working group material flows)

  1. Life cycle assessment of processes and product life cycle analyses to support decision-making in transformation processes and to evaluate new technologies
  2. Material flow analyses (quantities, composition, qualities, transport routes) as a basis for assessing the feasibility of recycling and reprocessing approaches
  3. Option evaluation for the use of cross-sectional technologies in production
  4. Creation of concepts and tools for the optimisation of processes in operational energy and material efficiency consulting

III. special fields in the area of digitalisation and automation (working group digitalisation and automation)

  1. Detection and monitoring techniques
  2. Databases
  3. Automation strategies and their implementation
  4. Algorithms

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