Environmental and process analytics


At the CUTEC Research Centre, industrial environmental and resource systems are examined with the aim of process optimisation.

The material flows occurring in this context require constant chemical-analytical monitoring in order to check the process-technical developments process-analytically on the one hand and to ensure their success in this way.

On the other hand, the effects of new or shifted material flows on the environment are also of interest. They require innovative environmental chemical analysis methods to optimize air, water and soil pollution control for the protection of our environment.

The Department of Environmental and Process Analysis UPA thus deals with a cross-sectional topic within the CUTEC research centre.

Our research and development topics are:

I. Adaptation of analytical procedures to high temperature process products

  1. Development of suitable sampling procedures for intermediate and product analysis in HT processes e.g. biomass conversion
  2. Analysis of slags and other mineral residues
  3. Temperature-dependent elemental analysis by coupling ICP-OES and electrothermal evaporation (planned)

II. analysis of electronic components

  1. Full analysis of recyclable residues from electrical appliances and electronic scrap
  2. Hazard assessment of electronic waste by extraction procedures based on the TCLP protocol
  3. Analysis of SE metals and other basic materials of strategic economic importance

III. analytics to improve the safety of accumulators and batteries

  1. Pyrolysis tests on accumulators and batteries to improve safety of use and storage
  2. Analyses of residues in retention systems for flue gases from accumulator and battery accidents
  3. Investigation of gaseous, liquid and solid products from extinguishing processes after battery fires

Dr. rer. nat. Axel Fischer

Head of Department

Phone: +49 5323 72-6239 E-mail: axel.fischer@cutec.de


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