Energy Systems Integration


The Department of Energy System Integration carries out application-oriented research and development work on the design of future energy systems. On the one hand, these energy systems are characterized by the coupling of the consumption sectors electricity, heat, transport and industrial processes. On the other hand, renewable energies, especially wind and solar energy, are the main energy sources to achieve a reduction of greenhouse gas emissions.

Our research and development topics are:

I. Modelling and simulation of energy systems

  1. Integration of generation, grids, storage, use
  2. Analysis of renewable systems for electricity, heat, transport, industry

II. energy scenarios

  1. for countries, municipalities, industry
  2. Energy supply for basic industries
  3. Energy system technology for coupled systems, storage possibilities
  4. Potential studies, feasibility studies, energy balances/eco-balances

III. practical implementation in the model system

  1. Development of energy-efficient processes in generation, conversion and consumption
  2. Combined heat and power generation with new technologies, virtual power plants

Dr.-Ing. Jens zum Hingst

Head of Department

Phone: +49 5321 3816-8054 E-mail: