Research topics

Contact: Dr.-Ing. Andreas Lindermeir

The Department of Chemical Energy Systems focuses on plant-oriented and experimentally oriented research and development activities in the following areas:

  • Hydrogen and synthesis gas production,
    • reformation e.g. of biogas
    • Synthesis gas processing
    • High temperature steam and co-electrolysis (SOEC)
  • Synthesis of regenerative power, fuel and chemical feedstocks,
    • Fischer-Tropsch synthesis
    • Synthesis of basic chemicals, fuels (e.g. olefins, DME, LPG)
    • Hydrotreatment of hydrocarbons
  • High temperature electrolysers (SOEC) and fuel cells (SOFC)
    • Component and system development
    • Characterisation, long-term tests, accelerated ageing tests and operational optimisation
    • Support and consulting for test bench design and construction
  • Process design and reaction engineering
    • Development, simulation and optimization of reactors and plants
    • Test and evaluation of catalysts
    • Economic feasibility studies, feasibility and potential studies

The department can draw on extensive expertise and excellent equipment with plants on a (semi-)technical scale and thus offers a good starting point for acquiring and implementing funding projects in a network of proven and new partners. Interdepartmental cooperation offers good opportunities to work on complex issues.