Fischer-Tropsch test facility

The Fischer-Tropsch experimental plant was developed for the investigation and optimization of process engineering operating parameters. In addition, catalysts can be investigated and compared with regard to reaction-related parameters such as conversion, selectivity and yield.

The plant is equipped with four separate cooling circuits and thus enables the setting of defined temperature profiles. Extensive measuring and analysis technology enables a material and energetic balance. Due to the flexible plant control (LabView®), customer-specific requirements can also be mapped.

The plant can be supplied separately from gas bundles or coupled with the biomass gasifier and the ABSART synthesis gas purification plant.

Technical data

  • Pressure range: up to 30 bar
  • Temperature range: up to 300 °C
  • Volume flow: 3 mN3/h
  • Reactor ø (inside): 29 mm
  • Reactor length (total): 2.5 m

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