Chemical energy systems


In the future, chemical energy storage systems will play a key role in the energy system. Hydrocarbons produced via power-to-X processes will take over the supply and coupling of the electricity, heat, mobility and basic materials sectors and are the focus of our work.

The central technology for such processes is hydrogen or synthesis gas generation, both via conventional processes (reformation) and electrochemically (electrolysis). Hydrogen/synthesis gas in turn serve as educt for the synthesis processes or can be converted back into electricity in fuel cells in a highly efficient manner.

Due to our extensive equipment and experience with synthesis plants on a technical scale, the entire process chain for the production of renewable hydrocarbons can be represented.

Our research and development topics are:

I. Hydrogen and synthesis gas production

  1. Reforming e.g. of biogas
  2. Synthesis gas processing
  3. High temperature steam and co-electrolysis (SOEC)

II. synthesis of regenerative fuels, combustibles and chemical feedstocks

  1. Fischer-Tropsch synthesis
  2. Methanation
  3. Synthesis of basic chemicals, fuels (e.g. olefins, DME, LPG)
  4. Hydrotreatment of hydrocarbons

III. high temperature fuel cells (SOFC)

  1. Component and system development
  2. Characterisation, long-term tests, accelerated ageing tests and operational optimisation
  3. Support and consulting for test bench design and construction

IV. Process design and reaction engineering

  1. Development, simulation and optimization of reactors and plants
  2. Test and evaluation of catalysts
  3. Economic feasibility studies, feasibility and potential studies

Dr.-Ing. Andreas Lindermeir

Head of Department

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