Prof. Dr.-Ing. Daniel Goldmann

Chairman of the Board Head of Institute: Institute for Processing, Landfill Technology and Geomechanics (IFAD)


since 2017 Chairman of the Board of Directors of CUTEC Clausthaler Umwelttechnik Forschungszentrum since 2015 Coordinator of the research focus on securing raw materials and resource efficiency at Clausthal University of Technology since 2011 Scientific Director of the recycling cluster economically strategic metals Lower Saxony REWIMET e.V. since 2009 Scientific Director of the Berlin Recycling and Raw Materials Conference BRR 2008 Assumed Chair of Raw Materials Processing and Recycling at TU Clausthal 1999 - 2007 Manager End-of-Life Vehicle Recycling Volkswagen AG 1993 - 1999 Division Manager Technology and Service Preussag Recycling GmbH 1992 - 1993 Member of the Project Team Business Area Development Automotive Recycling for the Preussag AG Group 1992 Project Manager Process Development (Plant Engineering) Automotive Recycling Preussag Noell GmbH 1987 - 1991 Development Engineer Process Engineering (Recycling) Preussag AG Metall

Studies and doctorate

1984 - 1987 Scientific assistant at the Institute for Processing at the Clausthal Technical University, Prof. Dr. A. Bahr Doctorate in Engineering (Processing Technology) (1992)

Degrees (TU Clausthal): Diplom-Mineralogist (1984) Diplom-Geologist (1987)

1981 - 1982 Studies of Geochemistry at MIT and Harvard University 1976 - 1984 Studies of Mineralogy and Geology at TU Clausthal

Awards and scholarships

2007: ÖkoGlobe (VW) 2006: European Business Award for the Environment (VW) 2005/2006: BDI Environmental Award for Industry (VW) 2001: Volkswagen AG Research Award (VW) 1981/1982: Fulbright Scholarship for studies at MIT and Harvard


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